Happy with what you have

Be HappyThe only way you’ll ever be happy is to be happy with what you have. You can be happy this very instant if you’ll simply be happy with what you have.

Being happy with what you have doesn’t prevent you from creating more. In fact, it puts you in a powerful position to add new value to your world and your life.

When you’re happy with what you have, you’re deeply in touch with life’s abundance. Within that abundance is every good possibility.

Be happy, and thankful, for the way life is. It will open your eyes to the best possibilities for the way life can be.

There is great value in whatever you already have. The way to see that value, and to make full use of it, is to be happy with what you have.

Life’s richness is yours the moment you allow it. Be happy with what you have, and nothing can stop you from having it all.

— Ralph Marston


Love the skin that you are in!

A lot of times, I come across people who say I Wish This…. or I Wish That.

Why do you wish to be like someone else? You are just a spectator, you can only see what’s on the outside, you have no idea of what’s going on inside or what that person has gone through.

Just a Few Things

The funniest thing I hear is you aren’t like most people I know….my response is yes this is true.

I love watching football and basketball, I actually know what’s going on and I can name players, coaches, etc..

I love my heels, but I also have a love for sneakers.

I am a mix between Me & someone you’ve never met!

(Just wanted to share a little humor)

Be Thankful

When you don’t know what to do, be thankful. When you don’t know how to be, be thankful.

When the joys come, be thankful. When the challenges and sorrows arrive, be thankful.

In every experience there is always some value. Be thankful for the opportunity to have the experience, no matter what it is.

Be thankful, and become more intensely aware of life’s abundance. Be thankful, and discover new ways to make good use of that abundance.

Be thankful for the moment, whatever it may bring. For your thankfulness will add value to anything it lands upon.

Be thankful for what is, and you will see the beauty and the possibilities in it. Be thankful, and be amazed at how much better life becomes.

— Ralph Marston

Stop & Think of How Blessed You Are

You ever stop & think about how blessed you really are? How you made it thru? How you made it over? How you overcame that which you thought you couldn’t overcome?

If not, take the time and just do it. Think about what you were brought thru. Where you used to be. How you changed. How differently your light shines? How the Son shines on you everyday, no matter what you feel.

It always amazes me, how quickly people forget just how truly Blessed You Are!

2013 Final Post

Do you ever take time to look back at where you were? What you were doing? How you changed? How far you’ve come?

Does it make you smile? Are you pleased with your now compared to your then?

Looking back at my 2013, I am pleased with what happened, most things were learning lessons for me. Some things had to happen and I am ok with that.

As the year comes to an end you always think about what happened in the year. Most make resolutions to do things differently than what they did the previous year.

Last year I stated that I am finished with making resolutions,  I make Affirmations! I don’t want to waste time making promises of what I am going to change, I am just going to do it. I am going to be strong & in agreement in where God is moving me to GROW!!

Looking forward to GROWING in 2014!!