2013 Final Post

Do you ever take time to look back at where you were? What you were doing? How you changed? How far you’ve come?

Does it make you smile? Are you pleased with your now compared to your then?

Looking back at my 2013, I am pleased with what happened, most things were learning lessons for me. Some things had to happen and I am ok with that.

As the year comes to an end you always think about what happened in the year. Most make resolutions to do things differently than what they did the previous year.

Last year I stated that I am finished with making resolutions,  I make Affirmations! I don’t want to waste time making promises of what I am going to change, I am just going to do it. I am going to be strong & in agreement in where God is moving me to GROW!!

Looking forward to GROWING in 2014!!


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