Be inspired

All the inspiration you desire is, right now, within your reach. Nothing can get you down unless you let it. So don’t let it. You will see those parts of life that you choose to see. So choose to see what inspires and empowers you.

The life you experience is your own unique interpretation of what it means to be alive. The possibilities for joy and enrichment are endless. Life is what you decide it to be. All the stuff on the outside is trivial compared to the true purpose that lives on the inside.

Let life come, without striving to force it. Let life come, and it will unfold with great abundance. The wonderful, beautiful, fulfilling feeling you seek is already yours, somewhere. If it was not, then how could you even know about it? Go ahead, and allow that feeling to live and breathe and grow and flow throughout your life. The life you wish to experience is yours when you let go and let it be. Listen to those little inspirations that quietly whisper. There is a reason why you hear them and feel their truth. Even the smallest thing can inspire you when you’re ready to be inspired. Be ready to be inspired, and you will find plenty to inspire you.

Any circumstance can be your opportunity to move forward and to add true richness to your world. Live the joy in every moment. It is always yours to choose. Act in harmony with what you know is right and what you know is best. Instead of struggling against what is, ride joyously and successfully along with life’s continuously unfolding possibilities. Let life come. And live the beauty as each new moment is born.

What is the path to true happiness? How far must you go to find happiness? You need not go very far at all.

Ralph Marston –


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