Age is just a number or is it?

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Why do women get so worked up about their age?  Some women lie about how old they are and claim to be younger than they are. If my memory serves me right, we go up in age not down, but leave it to some women they will shave years off of their age, claiming to be 25.

I’ve noticed that some women get so flustered and ashamed of their age, when asked by a man, “How old are you?”  They won’t give a specific age, if they are in the 30’s they say 30 plus, if they are in their 40’s or older they say well how old are you, then once the age is given, they will say I am closer or older than you.

Ladies we should embrace our age and be happy with the years of life that we have been given.


2 thoughts on “Age is just a number or is it?

  1. I was once guilty of this until I attended the funeral of a 6 year old child.

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