Challenge to greatness

A strong and meaningful challenge can energize you in a way that nothing else can. When confronted with such a challenge, look not at how you can get out of it. Instead, look for what you can get out of it.

Personally meaningful challenge can get you going in the morning and keep you focused throughout the day. It can fill your mind with great ideas and give you the energy to act on them. Throughout history, those people who have most notably distinguished themselves are the ones who faced the most formidable challenges, and who have risen to those challenges.

There is no shortage of challenge in this world. It is something available to anyone, though we often tend to run and hide from it. With challenge comes the energy to make life great. It is an intense experience, and yet there is no need to fear it.

You were born to face challenges, and each day you have become more skilled at doing so. Put that skill to good use. Take on those challenges that will compel and propel you to your own special greatness.

Ralph Marston


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