The opportunity is now

Right now is your opportunity to fully live this day. It’s an opportunity that will never come again.

If you waste the opportunity that is now, you are guaranteed to deeply regret it later. If you make the most of the opportunity of today, then tomorrow you’ll have access to an even greater opportunity.

To live a rich, fulfilling life, you must do valuable, fulfilling things. Today is when you can choose to do those things.

You can either punish yourself by avoiding the opportunity of now, or you can reward yourself by doing all you can to make the most of it. Think of that when you’re deciding how to spend the next moment, and the rest of this day.

There is unclaimed value right in front of you, right now. By giving of yourself and by sincerely making your very best efforts, that value can be yours.

If you wish to fill your life and your world with richness, the opportunity is now. There is so very much to give and to live, so get busy and do it.

— Ralph Marston


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