GREAT Expectations


I have great expectations of the Lord. Some folks like to call it the power of positive thinking. I call it expectations. So I asked myself, do those expectations tend to dwindle or go away because you don’t see them manifest immediately? I pondered this thought for a while and decided to stand on the word of God. I know God promises me in His word that my thoughts and ways are not His. I’m so glad God is mindful of us and thinks big and great things for us. Jesus said greater things than this will we do. Jesus also said if we being evil know how to give good gifts to our children how much more will God give good things to us. So yes, I do have great expectations of the Lord whether they manifest themselves or not. I want to keep on expecting great things from…

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2 thoughts on “GREAT Expectations

  1. God is our inheritance, and we are His. How incredibly amazing is that? I know I am blessed and humbled that I am His chosen daughter. Standing on that declaration, I too have expectations of my loving Father; His plans, His purpose, His will. Bless you, my sister!

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