Magnificent Possibilities of Now

This place, right here, is a very good place to be. On this day, in this moment and situation, all kinds of great possibilities exist.

You are at the right place and the right time to truly make a difference in the world. Let go of the worries and fears, of the judgments and old assumptions, and feel the magnificence of what’s now possible.

You have a powerful combination of awareness, ability, love, passion and presence in this place. Just imagine all the great things you can do, beginning right now, with all that.

Where you are, there is great value to be created. Who you are, is the person who can create that value in ways that are meaningful and beautiful.

You have what it takes, for what it takes flows from your authentic being. You have what it takes, so do what it takes.

Give yourself to the magnificent possibilities of now. And give your life, and all of life around you, the best moment yet.

— Ralph Marston

Such a good motivational thought for today! 🙂


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