Our Plans

We always make our plans to do something at a later date, because we assume & hope there is always tomorrow.  I will take that Hawaii vacation next year; that Alaskan Cruise in 2016. What if we change our thoughts and just live for NOW!!

The Abundance of Now

Don’t waste the time you do have wishing for time you don’t have. Don’t ignore the good and valuable things you do have in your desire to chase what you don’t have.

Now is beautiful, and filled with abundance. To experience and benefit from that abundance, let go of the need for more.

It’s wonderful to grow stronger, more knowledgeable, wealthier and more experienced. Yet when you are constantly needing more, it is impossible to fully enjoy the abundance of now.

Life is much too valuable to be put off until you get more of this or that. Live the abundance as it comes, as it is, without imposing any conditions on it.

Be good with being here now. Be good with what is, with what you have, with what you can do, and with what you can experience, now.

What’s over there and what will be someday, can wait until someday. Rise above the need to need more, and fully live the richness and abundance that is yours right now.

— Ralph Marston


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