Let Life Flow

When you hold too tightly to the thoughts and feelings that come along, you end up getting stuck. This is true for positive thoughts and feelings as well as for negative ones.

Though perhaps it’s a little nicer being stuck in a pleasant place than it is being stuck in an unpleasant place, what’s even better is not to be stuck at all. What’s even better is to be continually moving toward higher and higher levels of joy and fulfillment.

Experience your thoughts and feelings, take from them what they have to offer, and then let them flow on past. As the negative ones fall away they’ll quickly lose their hold on you, and as the positive ones move on past they’ll make room for even better ones.

Loosen your grip on the bad things and you’ll free yourself from them. Loosen your grip on the good things that they’ll be free to grow even stronger and bring even more blessings to your life.

Have the faith to let life flow. Stop holding on so tight and see how very far you can go.

— Ralph Marston


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