How Good Life Is

Value and appreciate the good times that you’ve known and the good things that you have. But don’t worry about holding on to them so much that you miss the opportunity to fully live.

Keep the treasured memories safe and secure in the attic of your life. But don’t pile them up so deeply that you cannot get out the door.

Every day presents you with new opportunities to make more beautiful memories. Every moment is your chance for a fresh and original experience of life’s treasure.

It’s great when you can remember how good life has been. It’s even better to know, again and again in every moment, how truly good life is.

Life’s abundance does not run out. In fact, the more good things you experience, the more good things there are to be experienced.

You cannot lose the joy and beauty that you’ve already known. So move confidently forward and experience even more.


2 thoughts on “How Good Life Is

  1. Thank you for this insight. Life IS good!

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