It is true that discouragement can lead to defeat. Yet discouragement can just as surely lead to determination and increased resolve. Discouragement can drain the energy from you, or it can infuse you with fresh new vitality to push on ahead. It all depends on how you choose to respond to the discouragement that comes your way.

Every effort of any significance will meet with some discouragement. It may often seem that you are burdened with more than your share of it. But is that discouragement really a burden or is it instead a blessing in disguise? You can indeed turn it into a blessing if you so desire.

For the same things that make it so discouraging can also be positively compelling reasons to move forward. Powerful determination and unstoppable commitment come, more often than not, from discouragement that has been turned in a positive direction.

You cannot avoid discouragement, but then you really wouldn’t want to. For you can choose to take it and let it make you that much stronger, that much more determined, and that much more successful.

~Ralph Marston


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