Strength Of Purpose

A strong sense of purpose will keep you going strong when all else fails. Following a clear and meaningful purpose will gather all your energy together and point it effectively in a single direction.

Living, thinking and acting with purpose frees you from the tyranny of haphazard circumstances. Purpose brings you strength to rise above the distractions of the moment, and the will to overcome whatever obstacles stand in your way.

The level of your achievement will rise to meet the level of your purpose. If your mission is just to get through the day, that’s probably about the extent of what you’ll do.

Yet when you take on a mission that is more grand, more meaningful, more purposeful, that purpose will pull you along with it. Those people who are strongest indeed are those who have the strongest purpose moving them forward.

Make the commitment to live out the highest possibilities available to you, today and every day. Make your purpose strong and worthy of the capable and worthy person you are.

Source: Ralph Marston


4 thoughts on “Strength Of Purpose

  1. Thank you for the constant reminder…there is no purpose as greater than plugging into what God is already doing. May the zeal of His will burn in our hearts, that we may not be content or give up. Peace and love.
    – McDaniels Gyamfi

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