Getting better

A world that is constantly focused on more will never allow you to be happy. You cannot ever really be satisfied with more, because once you have it, you need it again. To ever be happy, you must ignore the shallow fascination with getting more and more, and simply decide to be happy where you are.

What would happen if you turned your focus toward getting better instead of getting more? It would change your outlook from one of lack and limitation (I don’t have enough) to one of growth and creativity (I desire to make my life even better).

Is there never enough money for you? Are you constantly thinking of how to get more? As long as you take that approach there will never be enough. What if, instead of focusing on “I don’t have enough money” you focused on “I desire to improve my life”? Can you see the multitude of new possibilities that would open up for you with such thinking?

Be happy where you are. Otherwise you’ll never be happy at all. Be satisfied with your life, and you’ll put yourself in the optimum position to make it even better.

Source — Ralph Marston



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