Live It Like It Counts

You cannot hang on to this moment in time, and yet you can hold on to its value. By wisely investing this moment, this hour, this day, this time that you’re in, you can continue to reap its benefits long after it has passed.

You have exactly one chance to invest this day. If you waste it, it will be gone all too soon. Yet when you live this day fully and make the most of its moments, you’ll add continuing value to your life and your world.

Look back at the last hour, at the last day, or at the past week. How much of that time have you invested wisely? How much have you spent really living and making a genuine positive difference? Remember to enjoy each precious moment of life, and as you do, also make those moments count.

Every single day is a great and wonderful opportunity that will never come again. You have the opportunity right now to make this very day a memorable and valuable one, one that you’ll look back upon with satisfaction and gratitude.

Rather than letting time take your life from you, make use of that very same time to build a life that’s rich and full. Right now is your golden opportunity. Live like it counts for something truly wonderful, and it will.

Source: Ralph Marston


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