Today Is The Day

Today is a day for celebration. Today is a day to be joyful. It is a day to accomplish great things. It is a day to learn, to love, and to live the richness that is your life.

Today is a day to rejoice in your good fortune. It is a day to hold your head up, to stand up straight, to look positively forward and to smile with such genuine intensity that good and wonderful things are drawn to you like a magnet.

Today is a day to be confident and purposeful. It is a day to get things done and to move the whole world forward with your enthusiasm.

What makes this day so special? Today is your day to enjoy, experience and make the very best of the most precious gift you have — your life. The possibilities are endless and those possibilities are all yours, here, now, in this moment.

Celebrate your good fortune. Just think how incredibly blessed you are to live this precious life and to be in a position, right this very moment, to make it even better.

Source: Ralph Marston


7 thoughts on “Today Is The Day

  1. Today is the day… You said it… Barbara

  2. Shalom PFJ, it is an honor to have you stop by at gravity of grace. What a blessing when we unite in the spirit, touching lives changing the spiritual landscape of the world. Keep, keeping on – McDaniels

  3. This really motivated me.

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