Refuse To Be Discouraged

There is a route to success that is available to just about everyone. It is persistence. No matter what your level of skill or experience, no matter how knowledgeable you are or aren’t, when you continue making the effort for as long as it takes, you’ll get where you’re determined to go.

Persistence does not require any special talent. There’s really nothing to stop you from persisting with one possible exception — discouragement. But what is discouragement? Does it really need to have any power over your actions. Should you allow it to dictate your future? Does it make any sense for your discouragement about the past to prevent you from going forward toward the goals you desire?

Discouragement has exactly the amount of power you give it. And guess what? You don’t need it. It won’t being you anything positive. So go beyond it. Persist in your efforts. Forget about the disappointments. Look resolutely at what’s ahead, at all the great things that are possible. Keep going, today, tomorrow and for as long as it takes.

Source: Ralph Marston



2 thoughts on “Refuse To Be Discouraged

  1. Yes! But, sometimes uphill battles do become exhausting!

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