Your Destiny Is Not Tied To Others

Your Destiny shouldn’t be tied into what others think, feel or do.

Have you ever come across people who think that you couldn’t & shouldn’t do something? Those that say you can’t do that? The one’s that say you should just go ahead an give up anyway, because it’s not going to happen for you?

I’ve met many of those people along my journey. After pointing out to them– thanks for your vote of confidence, I just say thanks for the motivation, now watch me.

Most people do not come back and say you know what I was wrong, you did what I thought you couldn’t do, you are making some moves. I don’t expect all people to admit there faults or wrong in their thought process.

I don’t waste my time trying to figure out why most people want the worse for you instead of the best. Don’t they know God Blesses them when they Bless You? Sadly most don’t, and spend their time talking negatively & wonder why the good things don’t happen for them.

You speak life into your situations— so if you speak negative energy, that’s what your outcome will be. If you speak positive, that’s what your outcome will be.


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