Minute Meditation: Prayer To Ease Worries

Struggling with repeated worries can be a real challenge. The following prayer invites God to calm and guide those who struggle with anxiety. Worry is a continuous pattern of ineffective thought. Worrying is unresolved thought that leaves you unproductive.

“God of power, calm my mind. Let me rest in You. Ease my anxiety,

and let me simply be- quiet and peaceful in your arms. Amen.”

Your worry prevents you from acting, because when you are worrying, you miss the opportunities that you would see if you were not so focused on your fear. If you ever watched a dog chasing it’s tail, then you can understand how worrying is an endless cycle. Worrying will not bring you a single token of resolve, it’s fruitless, worrying takes you out.

Source: http://elev8.com/350915/minute-meditationprayer-to-ease-worries/


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