The Rewards of Effort

Every single effort brings multiple rewards. Focused, persistent effort gets things done. By so doing, it makes other things possible. In addition, with every effort you become more knowledgeable and experienced. Your efforts expose you to valuable things with which you never would have otherwise come in contact.

Effort gives you a reputation as someone who can get results. It brings you the satisfaction of achievement. It enables you to see self-discipline as a positive force rather than as something to be endured.

Effort is a great use of your time. You only have so much time in each day, so in order to get the most from it you must find a way to leverage it. For every moment spent in idleness, you get the experience of that moment and then it is gone. For every moment spent in action, the payoff continues far into the future.

Reward yourself. Make the effort, and reap all the positive benefits that come with it. You deserve a great life. Make the effort, be persistent, be consistent, and you’ll have it.

— Ralph Marston



4 thoughts on “The Rewards of Effort

  1. SO TRUE!!!! More people should take great heed to such sage advice!! Be blessed.

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