Get Busy Living

Today is a new day. Fill it with new experience.

You have the extremely valuable opportunity today to grow. Take full advantage of that opportunity.

There are things you enjoy that you don’t yet know you enjoy. Explore the possibilities, and discover some of those things.

There is beauty that will thrill your soul that you have not yet encountered. Get going, get out there, get busy living, and find that new beauty.

If all you ever do is stay right where you are, you’ll never know how truly magnificent your life can be. Step enthusiastically out of your comfortable rut, and into the new bright, beautiful world of new possibilities.

Just around the corner you’ve never before turned, there is a whole new path to your fulfillment. Get busy living, and fill your life with richness you don’t even know your missing.

~Ralph Marston -Daily Motivator.


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