The Chance to Move Forward

Do you ever get an urgent feeling that comes over you & tells you to get up & go? Do you act on it? Do you wait and say this is not what I wanted?

You pray for God to move in your life. You ask Him to take you from the situation you are in, because of various reasons. You don’t like the situation and feel you can do better. But you haven’t been moved to be in a better situation and you can’t quite understand why. It’s because we haven’t learned what we are supposed to do in our current situation.

One of the hardest things to do is sit still & wait for your chance to move forward. Some people have decided they won’t sit still and decide to move with hearing that they should. We all may have made that mistake, and when we do they process of going forward may leave you sitting and waiting a little bit longer.

Think of the waiting period as a time to reflect; where you were and where you are trying to go. He might have you waiting, because their may be storm ahead and He is keeping you out of it.

This message is food for thought, mostly for me, but I thought I should share it.


2 thoughts on “The Chance to Move Forward

  1. Great Read….. The message is clear, wait on him….. I believe & receive.
    “The Mercedes Lady”

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