Fighting A Giant

You ever have those days when you feel like you are fighting a giant? Like you are David and you are going against this mammoth of a beast Goliath? You pray and ask for the strength you need to make it through. You don’t have the support of anyone around you, but you are believing God to bring you through it.

When the odds are clearly not in David’s favor. David a young shepard boy with nothing but a slingshot. No support, belittled and discouraged, bluntly told its impossible.Instead of allowing himself to feel discouraged, he decided to look past victories God has already given him. God will be there! Be confident that God is much bigger, much stronger and much more powerful than a hundred Goliaths. Because of that David knew with God’s help, he would be able to defeat Goliath.

Facing a difficult situation can be overwhelming, especially when we find ourselves having to face it along. But You are never alone with this. That may be a big rock of a mountain to climb, but you are determined, and know you can conquer it.

Excerpts: Perseverance in the work place, Pablo de Borja


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