Do You Like Who You Have Become?

Looking back on yesterday’s blog, I asked if this question ever came up as you are reflecting on your life -> “Who Am I Becoming?”.  I also took the time to post this on my Facebook page, one of the responses I heard, was that they were still trying to figure it out. This is not a strange thing to hear, as I am sure many people have also asked that question, many times before.

Do you ever think – I always knew that I was becoming, and who I was supposed to be? But then the next question is ok, well who am I?

You may ask, How do I know who I am supposed to be? Think about a particular skill that you are very good at. That is a GIFT! It may be Computer Repair,  Computer Design, Car Repair, a Nurse, Doctor or Lawyer. Whatever it is, that you are very good at it, are the things that you will continue to do.

Don’t wonder about your purpose or gift that you have been given, accept what you have been Blessed with, and keep moving forward in life.

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