Who Am I Becoming?

Do you ever take time to look back at where you were, and wonder Who Am I Becoming? What has become of me? Where am I going?

There was a vision, intention & plan to your purpose when you were born. Some may still be figuring out just what their plan is on this earth. My advice is pay attention when people talk to you. Most times people know your purpose before you do.

You may not be where you want to be but, Thank God you are not where you were.

Growth & change are a big part of becoming who we are destined to be. Don’t be afraid of the changes. He is stretching us. Just like seeds need sunlight & water to grown, that is what we get when God places certain people on our path.

The Lord said be you for me, don’t try to be someone you are not.


2 thoughts on “Who Am I Becoming?

  1. I have contemplated this question for sometime and can imagine will continue to think about it as I mature. I really liked this question because it brought me to a place where one of My Best Girlfriends and I have had continuous conversation.

    I remember telling her that I can see my self as the “mother” of a church one day. One of those women who are soft spoken, traveled, and full of wisdom. A women who is respected because of her reputation. I smile when I think of that woman…..

    Thank you Shequita for posing a question that makes me smile about my future. ~CB

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