Happiness should not be a means or an end or a goal of any kind. If you can not be happy, perhaps you haven’t struggled enough. Who said lasting happiness was easy. And who said you can buy much happiness, you really can’t find it in material things. “There has to be something about you that brings happiness out of yourself and out of the world. A man that is blind may be just as blind as someone with eyes.” You may ask ourselves, where can we learn to see? I answer, “Don’t take anything for granted; life is sacred and matters; our actions all have consequences. Give life everything you’ve got and even when people spit on your ambitions, keep moving, never give up and most of all make your life have meaning, and give yourself reason to feel good about yourself by your integrity and good will.”

Happiness will begin to trickle into you life in little drops, till your eyes are just beaming with it, and goodness will follow you where ever you go.

Morgan Green


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