Nothing Comes Easy



Nothing ever comes easy and if it does, do you think that it is to good to be true?

We have always been told or know that if you can easily obtain it, it’s not good for you. Yes, most things you want you have to work hard for it.

But what if you’ve been working hard for what you wanted and didn’t get it, but a thing that you hadn’t thought about landed in your lap. Then what should you do? Do you throw it out, because you didn’t work for it? Do you think this is not what I wanted?

What if it’s what God wants you to have, and the other thing you were working so hard for and weren’t able to get, could it be because it wasn’t meant for you?

Sometimes things are placed on our laps, because He knows what we can do with it, while we wonder why did this come my way?

When you are blessed with certain opportunities, take advantage of it. Don’t continue to sit and wonder why, move on it!!


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