Life Is Good


Is life really good, or have we just accepted where we are, knowing it will get better in due time?

When you hear people say “Life is good” – I think are they expecting better than where they are now.

People may have been through a lot, and many probably know the difference between the good and a bad situation that has happened to them in life, but no one rants about life being bad, they praise about life being good. Some days people wake up and think any day above ground “Life is Good”.

It’s often said that God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. He knows you very well, and knows that everything that is put on your path, you will figure out how to get around it and overcome it.

So Yes Life is Good! It could be worse, but why worry about what it could be, why not just focus on what it is now –Good. The best is yet to come!!


2 thoughts on “Life Is Good

  1. I think the world wants us to believe we God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. However, I think He always gives us more than we can handle on our own because He wants us to depend on Him. Blessings!

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