Baggage – Let It Go

Baggage – suitcases, bags, etc., packed for a journey; luggage. baggage

“Baggage” – that I am referring to are the things from your past that you continue to carry around with you. Something that happened to you years ago that you have not let go of.

1st – bag is packed with Forgiveness – Unwilling to forgive

2nd – bag is filled with Grudge – You will not let go of

The trip of a life time is finally here, you have been counting the days and the time has finally come. You have packed everything you think you will need for your trip. Now you are ready to zip up the suitcase, but there is one problem, it doesn’t zip up. So you jump, pound and sit on it, while someone tries to zip it up, because you need every item that you have packed to take with you.

Ok, that doesn’t work you still can not zip it up, then you decide you need to grab another suitcase, since everything didn’t fit into the first one, you take some stuff out and pack it into the second one carry. You are finally packed, and you are now for the trip, but now you realize that you have two bags to carry instead of one.

I just illustrated this story to show you the trouble someone will go through to pack stuff they probably don’t need to take their trip.

As you go through your journey you are dragging these two bags around with you, unwilling to let them go. Whatever it is, you need to be at peace with it, and leave it in the past.

Put that “Bag” down right where you stand, and walk away and leave it there. I know it is hard, but honestly it is slowing you down. Throw away the stuff from your past.

Everyone has been hurt in there life, but you can’t continue move forward if you still are carrying around that baggage!

Photo Credit:

Free Dictionary


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