Mystery Of Love

Love what is it?                                                                                   thCAKT52LI

It is something everyone wants But few seem to ever find. Of those who find it, fewer can seem to hold on to it. It can’t be seen but it has many sounds.

What is love?

Love is that special bond between two people, that lets them care about one another, but also lets them have their own life. It is the good and the bad times, the joy and the pain.

If you love someone, you must give them room. You must love the good and overlook the bad. You must be there when they’re happy and stay with them when they’re sad. If you can give yourself to them without expecting a return, and stand by them when you don’t want to, then only can you say those words everyone dreams of – “I LOVE YOU.”

Author: Nora Magnus

Photo Credit: The Love Rumor


2 thoughts on “Mystery Of Love

  1. You are right….Love is an intense feeling no one can describe in words actually …. xxx

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