New Seasons

Many things happen in life that change our lives & because of that our lives do not remain the same.  People don’t realize that  just as the seasons change, so do our lives change. Our Seasons may not always align with the current seasonal weather that we are having. For instance just because the weather is warmer, its hot outside, we could be going thru a cold time in our lives, in which everything is going wrong and nothing is going right. Just because the sun is shining outside, it’s not always shining brightly in our lives. Yes we still have the light that shines on us everyday to guide us and wake us up in the morning.

But just as the seasonal weather changes, the Seasons in our lives change. But it’s not every couple of months, our Seasons are depend on God. His timing is everything. But when we go thru these Seasons and we remain there longer than we would like to, it’s because we are meant to be there a little bit longer, we are supposed to get something out of it.

Until we can acknowledge and get something out of it, only then will we move forward to the next season. Not all Seasons in our life will be happy & wonderful. Sometimes we will have to face the bad in order to get to the good. But it’s a necessary tool needed in the fine tuning of our lives, that has become out-of-order.

A Season For Everything  ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

New Celebrating the Seasons of Life


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