Love~I’m Sorry

Why is it so hard for a person to say I LOVE YOU OR I’M SORRY?

Some people believe that it is pride and ego.



Some may think that a person may be afraid to reveal their inner feeling for fear of rejection. They are afraid to say “Sorry”  because it is a sign of being the weaker person. Saying I am sorry is never easy to do. Some may think — I am not apologizing for anything, because I am not wrong, I am right!!  Boy are they wrong. But the more you apologize for small things, when it gets to the big things you have no problem saying “I am sorry.”

If you LOVE someone say it, a person has no idea of how you feel until you tell them. People can guess of how you feel, but why guess when you can tell them. Of course when you tell someone who you love them, it should be coming directly from the heart, not with the thought of I won’t say it until to them until they tell me. It should be something you feel and want to let them know just how you feel about them.

Sometimes the simplest things to say are the hardest things to say.


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